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Sophisticated, Accurate and Accessible

- OPTIMAL STATISTICS utilizes the most advanced techniques and methods in statistics and mathematics to find solutions to real world problems in areas ranging from the social sciences to finance.
- OPTIMAL STATISTICS (consulting) has provided statistical analysis services for major research organizations as well as government bodies.
- OPTIMAL STATISTICS provides the benefits of the most advanced research in finance and risk management to investors.

Expose the Meaning in Your Data

Optimal Statistics specializes in the design of research projects, experiments and surveys so as to maximize efficiency and the likelihood of significant results. Optimal design specifications can be counter intuitive and expert advice should always be sought before commencement even for relatively small projects. Biological research and the social sciences are generating data at an enormous rate and it is imperative that the correct conclusions are reached. Optimal Statistics does things the RIGHT way.

Matching Data Using Probabilistic Algorithms

Organizations today face the ever growing problem of record duplication within their databases. Exact matching misses most of these duplications as they often have variations between them that only probabilistic algorithms can deal with. An organizations effectiveness is often directly related to the quality of its databases and the information that can be extracted from them. OPTIMAL STATISTICS has developed world class probabilistic algorithms and data mining techniques that will allow your organization to get the most from its databases.